Our Process

Trinity Hemp was created around the idea that there is a need for potent products that maintain a high degree of quality control. We stand behind our company slogan “quality never compromised.” Our products are created based on quality and value. Customer satisfaction will always be our number one priority. The problem with the industry is that too many companies are selling products with low potency and a high price. This leads individuals to believe that CBD just doesn’t work. We want to change that perception. 

It All Begins With Hemp

We have a vision for a better world where people can experience pain relief and natural inflammation reduction without experiencing the high that comes along with THC consumption. That all starts with our strains. We have carefully selected strains with the least amount of THC possible and one of our strains is 100% THC free. 

All of our strains are non-gmo, and grown 100% organically in the best of conditions. Our goal is to acheive the best quality product, and that begins with providing the perfect environment for healthy plants to grow. All of our hemp is grown in the USA.


After harvesting the hemp plants, one of the products we create are called hempettes. There are many wany to create these, and one of the most popular ways is to use biomass. Biomass is the material leftover after other extraction processes have been completed. This method is a good way to save money, but the problem is that this method creates a watered down product often filled with cbd flower, as well as all the chemicals and other contaminants aquired during the varying extraction processes. 

Here at Trinity Hemp, we believe our customers deserve a better product. We never use biomass when creating our premium hempettes. We take fresh CBD flower, roll it in pure CBD oil, and then package the resulting mixture. This creates a very potent dose of around 130 mg per stick that tastes great, and doesn’t leaving you with any unpleasant symptoms that the biomass might. 


In order to create any product beyond smokable flower, the harvested hemp plant must undergo an extraction process to create a crude extract. The general idea is that a solvent is passed through plant material in order to separate out the active compounds in the bulk plant materals. The resulting cannabinoids, terpenes, and other plant compounds are then collected as an oil. 

The oil created in the first extraction process is only halfway finished. At this point in the process the CBD oil is still raw. It must be processed and refined further in order to activate the CBD compounds in order for our bodies to be able to get an effect from them.

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